This little piggy is not going to market, maybe to the beauty shop!

Hello! Meet me, Wootsie Woo Fogie, the newest resident pig at Olde Fogie Farm. Pigs like Rover have come and gone, but I think with my exquisite manners and first class charm, I will become a welcome family member. Many of you remember Rover. She was such a hog: so fat her eyes could not be seen. She took to eating things polite piggies just do not eat. Maybe a taste of petunia once in a while is not so bad - perfectly harmless - but digging up the yard and relentlessly eating the Calves' chow and slurping the kitten's cream - to just begin to mention - that is shameful.

Though Farmer Tom worried she might end up in the "great beyond" if she went to market, she just would not do here at the farm. He does not worry anymore. She lives in New York state, close to Canada, with a family that raises sheep. Seems the gentleman was selling sheep at the market place and when he saw Rover, he knew that they would like each other. That very day she was on her way to New York. I think I can learn a lesson. I will observe my manners and Biz's flowers.

I like it here and from what the guest books indicate, a lot of other families love it here too. I sometimes read the guest books when the Fogies are not looking - I would not want them to know I am an educated creature, modesty is very becoming on a pig. Sometimes when I am reading, I imagine what it would be like to meet each of you and your family.

I peeked at the 1997 schedule book and saw that almost all weekends in April, May and June are already full; even some weekdays are filling up. And in the Fall, when the leaves are most beautiful, some weekends are also filled. Just a hint of advice, if you want to visit the farm so that we may meet each other - and we must become better acquainted - please make your reservations as soon as possible. In Plain English: call pronto or risk being pushed out of the feed trough! Oh, and I was also thinking that since you enjoyed visiting the Olde Fogie Farm, maybe you would like to surprise some relatives or friends with a gift certificate for a Two night stay? I am sure they are as pleasant as you, and I will surly be glad to meet them.

Yes, I love it here. I can hardly wait to meet all the families who make summer so much fun. I only met a few of you since I arrived here in late October. I understand that when it is green and great (April through Thanksgiving Weekend) it is the perfect time for youngsters to visit and play - I can hardly wait. But then after Thanksgiving, December through March, the Hayloft and Chicken Coop suites are reserved for couples who want to get away for a short spell to relax and refresh. It is the time of year when the farm is quiet. I'll take the time to relax, read and write a bit and enjoy it so.

Until the green and great season comes around, I will introduce myself to the farm. I am becoming acquainted with all the creatures - great and small. Although Maggie and I are such great friends, we sometimes experience disharmony over who would enjoy her food more. What can I say, I am a pig, I do like my snacks.

I am amazed about humans. You know they can be good to live with. I would never have guessed until Farmer Tom brought me inside to live in the farm house. I really like it, I no longer need to contest with the chickens. The chickens and I experienced great misunderstandings over just who will eat my ration. They too like it, since they also have choice taste. Moreover, I now live in a comfortably warm home - it was a bit chilly all by myself in the barn. While the chickens were not above eating my food, they extended the cold shoulder when it came to sleeping arrangements. Between you and I, Humans can be clean, intelligent, and easily trained. Now if only I could get them to serve me breakfast in bed ... but alas, a piggy cannot have everything.

Yours Naturally,

Hoof prints of Wootsie Woo Fogie

Wootsie Woo Fogie

(As prepared by Biz Fogie Esq., 1996)

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