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This Is a Fishy Report

All the young-ins both in and out of water wings have made friends with us fishes. Even if you don't swim, there's no need to be shy, we'll meet you halfway. Meet headmaster of the pond school.

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Seeking Fame and Fortune

Punxsutawney Phil is the most famous groundhog in Pennsylvania. Just who is the second most famous groundhog in Pennsylvania? Our vote is for Harvey.

Pillows Talk

We may not be out in the barnyard kicking up our heels with the calves, but we pillows feel we have a pretty good handle on things. No doubt, breakfast is an important part of the day. That being said, the pancake griddle could serve up a sizzling account. However we've got the other half of the whole Bed and Breakfast experience covered.

Paws please and meet Tigger

tigger's paw printsLike you, I too am a guest here. Bed and breakfast living is the life for me. After a night of chasing mice, I look forward to the moment when Farmer Tom presents breakfast in bed (I sleep above the goat milking station.) The milk is served just the way I like: freshly squeezed and with a frothy foam top.

The Rosebud

As grandparents, we Olde Fogies tend to keep looking back on the little girl we knew as “Lizzi.” When we heard our “Lizzi” begin telling the guests, “my name is Desireé” the meaning of it didn’t sink in at first. Nevertheless it was timely: our little rosebud is beginning to bloom.

Bunz of steel

Have you met Ms. Tush E. Bunz? In this letter we learn of her long-standing wish and how she came to experience it first hand. As she says, "awaking to morning revelry by at least seven good crowers, followed by soft mooing, and breathing the smell of freshly mowed hay."

The farm guests love Ms. Bunz. Although Biz wasn't so sure of the propriety of a scantily clad young lady: "Think of the impression on the children!" Farmer Tom sure chuckled about that one. Perhaps you will too. Take a look at this year's news.

Ever been kissed by a llama?

This is the very first co-authored newsletter. It was written by the farm's very own Milo and Otis. Have you had the pleasure of meeting these gentlemanly llamas? Would you like to learn more about these fine fellows and their unusual assignment? Well then, step this way.

Do llamas really kiss? Take a look at the pictures on this page.

Spencer's signature footprintsLike a well oiled tractor?

If you were ever at a loss for a proper metaphor describing the workings of a farm, this mouse can help you. Meet Spencer Tracer, the Olde Fogie Farm's first private eye concierge! He's an ace at locating missing keys. He's more than willing to assist with your luggage. And we don't know what we'd do without him.

Did the rooster lay an egg?

Your unaverage rooster recalls the Olde Fogie's persistance all these years, discloses from where they get their really good ideas, and speculates about just who slipped in the idea of renovating the farm pond. "T'was certianly was not I," insists Rochester R. Rooster. Yes, 2000 was a good year for hot air.

Ever-faithfull Honey Horse bids farewell

This chapter closes on a little bit of sweet history. Revisit a few names, faces, and characters in the Olde Fogie Farm barnyard chorale. While you're there, meet Candy. She is young and beautiful; and promises to kick up her heels.

The year 1999 as remembered by Abigail - a "plain white" duck

What a year! ... While I am a farm duck by choice, not all of my family lives on the farm. I often think of them when newsletter time of year comes around. What could they all be doing?

Hello Good People and Hello from me, Percival Pretty Boy Peacock

Being of the Fowl world and an eloquent fowl, I allow, I always have a fancy-feather quill pen handy. I am pleased to relate to you, the friends and fans of the Olde Fogie Farm, the Summer's highlights and news as harvested from the grapevine service.

Time to Talk Turkey for the Turkey Digest, by Elke

...There was to be something more of this summer of '98 than just the story of how I became a mother. The big news began ... when ever crafty and promotion minded Biz came up with another feather-brained idea.

This little piggy is not going to market, but maybe to the beauty shop!

I am amazed about humans. You know they can be good to live with. I would never have guessed until...

Are You Supporting Your Local Groundhog?

Forgive us - but - us Olde Fogies happen to love winter, so we support our groundhog and are tickled pink (mostly from the cold) about his decision...

This little piggy went to market...

1994 - great year on the Olde Fogie Farm! For many it was a return visit. You know us well by now! And you know Rover, who's on my mind a lot! Action needs to be taken immediately. Biz recalls what you thought of the farm.