Ah, newsletter time again. What's that you say? Oh, speak up! We apologize if we sound a bit muffled. You just might have to snuggle in a bit close for this year's news... we are pillows after all! We're the Olde Fogie Farm pillows. Pillows talk? Yup, and we sing lullabies too.

We may not be out in the barnyard kicking up our heels with the calves, but we pillows feel we have a pretty good handle on things. No doubt, breakfast is an important part of the day. That being said, the pancake griddle could serve up a sizzling account. However we've got the other half of the whole Bed and Breakfast experience covered.

We're not just a bunch of fluff. We do more than most do to take care of you dear guests. Well, except Vicki. No one can claim they do more than she does to keep the farm tidy inside and out and running smoothly day in and day out. But on with the news, for as usual, Vicki isn't saying much.

Vicki spends a lot of time with us as she keeps the guest rooms tidy. She freshens us up with new pillowcases, plumps us just so and arranges us in a neat row. We look forward to her daily routine, for she has such a gentle way with everyone. We like to let Vicki know how things are going with you guests.

We've convinced her there is a matter that needs full attention from the farm family. We ourselves live by the motto "the more the merrier," but in our opinion, the garden room cannot comfortably fit more than one little rosebud at a time besides the Momma and Daddy gardeners. So we suggested that if there's more than one blossom in the brood why not think of them as piglets and put them in the Pigpen across the hall? That way there's more pillows for everyone!

But seriously, we weren't just thinking of ourselves. The linens put us up to it on behalf of the dear old futons. Seems they don't make them like they used to. In fact, seems they don't make those kind of foldaway futons anymore. The ones here are tough: real troopers. Still, all that folding and unfolding has done a number on their backs. That and the fact the only way to really test a bed is a good jump or three. Naturally the kiddies have to test a futon before they'll sleep on it. Recently, the old beanbags aren't passing muster. So we say: onto real beds with real pillows!

We insisted that breakfast arrangements be just the same, and both bathrooms are included, as is a night light in every room. We pillows are a lot like you kids: we enjoy a good-natured pillow fight, but aren't necessarily unafraid of the dark. And while we're on the topic, we thought the price of admission ought to go up a little bit to $15 a child.

Let's just recap for clarity. It's still $95 per couple in any B&B room or Suite. And now it's $15 per child. If you want to put your family in the B&B rooms, please limit it to a family of three. Otherwise, book the Garden room for yourselves and add the Pigpen for a flat rate of $60 per night and put as many little ones in there as you've got.

However, as Farmer Tom likes to point out, the suites are a square deal for a family of two or more. Plus you'll save a lot by being able to cook your own delicious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. It's a lot like playing house. And yes, the kitchen towels could spin a yarn or two, but not this year.

There are already so many stories waiting on the back burner. Maybe next time we can finally discuss the stranger in the sombrero. We hear he's not the only statue who has been to the Louvre. You do remember Ms. Tush E. Bunz lived there prior to staying here? If so you'll recall that she was so broken hearted to be without her Casanova. Well, she has been smiling quietly to herself ever since he's arrived.

Oh and the farm has a new Boston terrier puppy! Casey certainly lives up to half of her breed. So much energy! The guests who've met her will attest she'll chew her way into your heart. You'll notice she licks a clean spot on your hand just before she begins to chew on it. (Biz is trying to break her of that and more.) She sure is cute when she's sleeping.

Hey, look - the bottom of the page! Yup, we pillows sure can chitchat. And now, as we like to say, "it's bedtime somewhere."


Hello Good People. We don't mean to spring anything on you, so we'll cut in the new price gently. Make a reservation for 2008 and pay in full by January 31, 2008 and we'll extend to you the 2007 price of $10 per child. Also this year, we'll have plenty of discount Nissley Vineyard concert tickets... just ask. Look for the schedule as the season progresses. We'll see you then.

Farmist Biz Fogie


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