January, 2001


Let me introduce myself. I'm Candy, a really big, beautiful filly. We've never met; I'm new at the Olde Fogie Farm.

I take the youngins' on horsie rides - just like old Honey Horse did. I know that Honey would like to leave you with the idea that he just broke loose one day, rode off into the sunset, and never came back for his evening oats, but that's just not so. Honey was relieved of active duty sometime back, but before he hit the trail, he left a message for all of us. Honey told Wootsie the Pig how very much he cared about you youngsters.

Honey always gave you a safe, happy ride with Vicki leading. (Unless, of course, she knew you could steer all by yourself, then Vicki would give you the reins.) Honey's time lasted through: Mable the Goat, Maggie the Norwegian Elk Hound, Millie the Moocher, Clarence the Roaming Tom Cat, and, of course, Rover the Pig. (What a pig. He ate absolutely everything!)

Honey was here: before the arrival of those aloof Llamas, before the Driveway was paved, before the Picnic Pavilion, before the Big Kitchen Addition (No more elbows in the next guy's pancake syrup!), before the Hayloft was redecorated, before the nice Roof over the Hayloft, before the Playhouse/Clubhouse, before the Beautiful 40' X 80' Natural Pond with 3 Water Falls and Giant Koi Fish, before the Hot Tub and Masseuse. (This place is starting to sound like a health spa!)

Wootsie tells me that from November to March something romantic happens here. Eternal Log Fireplaces appear in front of the Love Seats in the "Hayloft" and the "Chicken Coop". The Fogie's call it "Winter's Get-Away". Wootsie, who was the House Pig until she grew too large, says she'd sure like to snuggle up on the Love Seat in front of one of those Fireplaces. (Some people have the nerve to say that Wootsie eats like a horse!)

Things change; so did the Farm; so did you. We're happy that many of you youngins' have returned as adults, brought your mates and your children.

Young Thomas is all grown-up and married to a beautiful filly with a lovely red mane. Vicki's son, Willie, is seldom seen now that he's 17 and has "wheels". Willie's sister, Lizzie, has taken over the job of Tour Guide and instant companion to all the visiting kids. Yep, things are always changin' around here, but there's one thing that hasn't changed. The Olde Fogies still say, "It's fun hosting folks here," and as long as it's fun they'll continue to do it - but they miss you. How the heck are ya, anyway?

Do you ever think about the farm? Wootsie says there are about 100 families who return almost every year. I want to get to know you like Honey did! Hey, I'm young enough to kick up my heels, and I'd sure like to meet all of Honey's friends.

Now, Biz, the Farmist, is sending you your Growth Tapes*. She'd like to have measured all the kids right along. Maybe you out-grew the Growth Tape and the Farm? Vicki did a great job making the tapes, and you should have them for a souvenir. If you want to put your Tape up, you need to hang it with the bottom of the Tape 17 inches from the floor.

Shucks, this makes us all choked-up and misty-eyed, because the whole place is pretty sentimental about guests past and present. If you care you need to let folks know it - that's why we wrote to you today. We miss you, and that's just Good Old Horse Sense!

Happy Trails to You,
One Sweet Filly

P.S. The Fogie's told me that if you call and let them know you received your Growth Tape*, they'll give you a 10% Discount on your Deposit up through February 28th.


Growth tapes?
This letter was sent to all families that haven't been heard from in awhile. They came to visit the farm several years running. Over the visits, the Olde Fogies marveled at how the youngin's grew - some faster than corn in July! So they instituted a time tested family tradition of measuring each child's growth. Each time they visited, the Fogies would chart the growth progress.

But why this letter? Seeing that some of the growth tapes have quite a few stripes, and thinking that the families might want to have this keepsake, Farmist Biz sent them home. She also included a little news about how the farm story has progressed. We hope that you have enjoyed reading it!

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