We proudly advertise "a four pig rating!"

The names of the "critics" are those of various pet pigs the farm has enjoyed through the years.

We enjoy a four pig rating!

All About the Olde Fogie Farm Bed & Breakfast

We are a working farm B & B located midway between Lancaster and Hershey, and an easy hour drive to historic Gettysburg. We have been welcoming families to our farm since 1987. Some families make it a point to visit every year. "We've seen little ones grow up. Each year we feel we grow a little more into our name," winks B & B host and farmist Biz. "That's not old its o-l-d-E. Its quaint."

Hospitality and farming is their first and second nature. "We've been farming organically about fifty years or so... couldn't think of doing it another way," proclaims farmer Tom. "We have had a little bit of many things, including every sort of creature great and small - from llamas to our resident pot-bellied pigs."

Vicki, the farmer's daughter, describes the farm as, "olde MacDonald had a farm and visiting grandma who lives in the country."

Come visit and enjoy full farm flavor. At the Olde Fogie Farm, you'll fit right in!


Your hosts hard at work

Above: Your hosts Tom and Biz Fogie hard at work as usual. Spring 2002.

Olde Fogie Farm

106 Stackstown Road
Marietta, PA 17547

Open year 'round and different with each season - naturally

The seasons at the Old Fogie Farm are distinct. Each has its own splendors.

April through October - "When its green and great" Everything is new and exciting. There are lots of flowers and birds with plenty of quiet places to sit and relax. Our variety of animals are out and about for the guests to enjoy. It is the perfect time for youngsters to visit and play. Families with children are welcome. Couples without kids love it too!

November through March - "When its cozy and quiet" This is the season to enjoy a getaway for a short spell to relax and refresh. Outside activities are limited due to the cold but still feature a morning choretime with the animals.

Always growing

The Fogies often joke that every year there is a new wrinkle on the old farm. Every year they strive to make the farm better.

We have a sample of the farm's newsletters penned by barnyard "characters". These are brief, generally factual, often zigzagging recounts of events as only a barnyard character could recount it.

Want to pet a pig? Our potbellied pigs enjoy and cherish every bit of your attention and conversation (not to mention a piggy treat).

Do you want to see what the farm looks like? We have collected a few pictures of the farm and grounds in the farm scrapbook.