Old Fogie Farm Bed and Breakfast

Activities and Amenities

When the chore bell rings in the morning, it is time to tend to the farm. The activities may vary by the season, but there's always something to do.

Bottle feeding a baby goat
Sweeping up the barn So many hungry critters

We're off to do the chores

Different with each season - naturally

chicks and eggsThe activities change with the season and from month to month. The spring and summer seasons promise daily chores to be done, things to learn, and flowers and gardens to admire.

When winter comes and the snow flies, life slows down and takes on a different feeling. There's not too much to do outside in way of farm chores, but there's plenty of cozy and quiet.

There's plenty of pictures in the scrapbook of farm memories.


  • indoor plumbing
  • shoe scrapers
  • color coordinated fly swatters in every room
  • A/C and Wi-Fi
  • comfortable rooms
  • lots of stenciling
  • tree with a swing
  • a creek
  • a wading pond
  • Screened gazebo with grill and picnic tables
  • artifacts (stuff other people threw out)
  • Charm: our cups don't match neither do our forks... but our pillow cases do


  • farm chores each morning
  • feed the chickens, gather eggs
  • pet the pig
  • learn about the farm animals
  • enjoy the peacefulness
  • chase fireflies
  • stroll in our pretty flower gardens
  • bird watch
  • look at the fancy fish (feed the hungry looking ones)
  • Olde Fogie Farmer tells stories and answers questions (mostly at chore-time.)
  • Biz sings in her cabaret

Other things to consider

There are many local area attractions to be enjoyed; for example there is always the possibility of a meal with a local Amish family. See this partial list for ideas and ask the Fogies for additional recommendations.

Lastly, If you have ever been to the farm, you know how tempting it is to want to take along a bit of the farm. But sorry, the horse has to stay here! Maybe you would consider an Olde Fogie Farm shirt.

Farm Chores
Clockwise from top left: Bottle feeding a baby goat, Sweeping up the barn, Feeding corn to the chickens, turkeys, and pig, Two friends lead the way to gather the eggs.